Specialising in defence, security and intelligence, Lyon Risk Management offers a wide range of personalised services.

Our Mission: Your safety.

Lyon Risk Management offers years of operational experience in armed forces or law enforcement forces.

Our approach is as-follows:

  • Analysing the precise nature of your requirements
  • Geopolitical & risk assessment of your future work location
  • Security training
  • Ongoing situation monitoring


In the framework of your safety, you are coping with security issues or political instability and the need to find your way out of some situations.

Lyon Risk Management offers its experience and expertise to ensure the safety of yourself and your family.



The safety of yourself, your family and your professional activiy comes first.

Human casualties or material loss can have a dramatic impact on business and  on a personal level.

Our mission is to help you to identify, evaluate and mitigate security risk.

Why social movements discredit themselves by violence?

Study[1] from 2017 shows how a social movement can be discredited by an excess of violence. The results of this study show that the choice of extreme protest methods is actually counterproductive. Indeed, such methods alienate public opinion. Tactics of …

Devoir de protection des employeurs

Le « Devoir De Protection » des employeurs (le fameux « Duty Of Care » anglo-saxon) est un terme juridique utilisé pour se référer aux obligations imposées par la loi en ce qui concerne la protection de leurs employés. Cette obligation est définie par …