Abu Sulayman al-Firansi calls on Muslims in France to conduct attacks in France

On 27 Nov. 2016, IS Wilayat Raqqa released a 29’09” video in French, English and Arabic entitled, “You Must Fight Them O Muwahhid“. It threatened attacks against the West and provided detailed instructions on how to conduct knife attacks and instruction to build an IED out of common household items. The video features several statements from Islamic State fighters in French, English and Arabic who urge Muslims in the West to conduct attacks.
Abu Sulayman al-Firansi ( the French) gives a lesson on how to conduct knife attacks, using a live hostage. His message was directed to Muslims in France.
He explains: “Allah orders us to fight those kuffar nearest to us, and to fight them as they fight us. There is no need to use firearms, like a rifle or a pistol. Rather It is enough to use blade weapons. Firstly choose the appropriate knife. This “Commando” knife is not necessary, as long as it is sturdy and somewhat long. A strong kitchen knife might be easier to obtain. These are the most important places to strike on the body. First, the throat. That is by slicing or stabbing or like this and then slicing. Second, the chest. What is preferred are soft areas, easy to stab and cut. Lastly, there is the lower body. The thigh arteries can be stabbed and cut ten left to bleed out. On the am, the artery can be cut at three places: the wrist, inner elbow, and armpit. You have a complete explanation on places to strike on the body. Now you must act. The Kuffar fight us and you for our religion. So kill the Kuffar, France’s history is up to you

Al-Firansi then gives a lesson on different methods of approaching the target. He said, “The first method is to attack from behind. We come close to the target and stab him in the kidney once or twice. This will make our target unable to scream. Then we put our hand on his face. We rise to the left of the throat and cut slowly. As for the second way. Facing and distracting the target in order to stab him. We get close, trick him somehow, then stab him once or twice below, the neck. We get close to the target and distract him by directing his eyesight elsewhere. We take out the weapon, then stab him in the stomach. Then the throat, if not the throat, then we repeatedly stab the thigh arteries. The third method. With a piece of paper or card bearing a phone number or restaurant address, etc.
Following al-Firansi’s lesson, Abu Muhammad al-Muhajir delivers his statement in English calling for those living in the West to wage jihad. He said “Wage Jihad, fight for your religion, your soul, your honor before you shout in regret if only I had acted when I had the opportunity.
Then, IS bombmaker Abu Nuhr ash-Shami gives a detailed lesson on how to make an IED saying “Now, after having a ready electric detonator we could put it in a fuel tank, then it could be detonated, by Allah’s permission.” When coming up with shrapnel to use in the bomb, he said “use whatever is available to you of shrapnel. If you do not have shrapnel, you can use nails, bolts etc. instead.
He then demonstrates the device detonating in the backpack of a hostage as he runs away. He said, “You could detonate a bomb with a burning fuse, electric detonator, or using a time.”

The video concludes by instructing muwahhdin all over the world to “support and defend your brothers while you are behind enemy lines. From their lands, the wars are funded and managed. So, send upon them ruin and destruction. If you offer yourselves to Allah, then Jennat al-Firdaws is, by Allah’s permission, your eternal abode. And what an excellent abode.


The probability of further ISIS inspired attacks in the West is highly likely, using knives, IED, or anything that can turn to kill or wound people. The day after this video came out, a Muslim Somali refugee carried out a vehicular assault followed by a knife attack at Ohio State University, as IS statements have called for Muslims in the West to use their cars to carry out attacks.
Again, Even without achieving to conduct even one effective attack, terrorist groups would have achieved a semi-success.
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