Deteriorating security situation in eastern DRC

The UN announced the “tragic death” of Roger Muanyishayi Muteba, a lawyer for the Heal Africa, a humanitarian organisation operating in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The vehicle of the NGO in which Mr.Muteba was traveling on May 6 ended up in the middle of  “a fighting on the road between Mweso and Kichanga” in North Kivu.
Earlier this week, 3 members of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) were abducted and held for 4 days by unidentified armed men before being released.
According to a UN report, the security situation is deteriorating ominously and foreigners and Congolese are “targeted indiscriminately.”
According to the Centre for the promotion of peace, democracy and human rights (Cepadho) the last week was particularly deadly in the area with the murder of about 50 civilians. For last Friday only, 20 civilians were murdered during the violent incidents that occurred in North Kivu and Ituri.
The NGO points out the Ugandan rebels from the Alliance of Democratic Forces (ADF-Nalu), an Islamic militia operating in the area for 20 years. Although it remains very problematic to identify with certainty the number of armed men in the region with certainty, allegiances may fluctuate as opportunities arise.
The eastern DRC is torn for over twenty years by armed conflicts fuelled by ethnic and land disputes, competition for control of mineral resources and rivalries between regional powers.
Sources : OSINT; Lyon Risk Management.
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