How climate change may damage usual national security

For years now we have heard much about some issues related to global warming, such as immigration and agronomy, but quite nothing about other risks.
Surprisingly, U.S. military leaders and defence planners have been thinking about potential risks for U.S. national security linked to this topic for years. And their conclusion is that climate change poses serious risks.
On Sept. 21 2016 the U.S. National Intelligence Council issued a report on possible implications of climate change for national security. This document represents the U.S. intelligence community’s strategic-level view.

Climate change can affect national security in two ways.

Firstly,water shortages and crop failures will have impact on food, energy and health. This could feed stresses on already fragile societies and can worsen or inflame existing tensions within or between states leading to mass protests, state failure and uncontrolled migration.
Then, climate change can put military bases under growing pressure from rising sea levels,flooding,hurricanes or violent storms,extreme rainfalls or droughts, and wildfires. And beyond the risk that equipment and facilities being badly damaged, this can also hamper training, disrupt troop deployment or lead to postpone or even cancel a major operation.
For more information, link to the complete NIC report on climate change
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