Kidnapping Risk


The threats that are more and more of concern to Western companies working in emerging countries are abduction of their employees and political violence, including terrorism. In recent years these threats have become globalised and far more complex than before: although the motivations are, in most cases, purely villainous, the technique of kidnapping seems increasingly used by terrorist groups in order to either meet their ideological demands or to finance their activities.


More and more companies in the framework of the development of their international activities, find themselves exposed to the threat of criminal groups and / or politico-military movements, whom, to achieve their goals, do not hesitate to use the abduction of persons. The number of kidnappings of foreigners (expats and business travellers) has been multiplied by 3.5 since 1997 (Source Hiscox).
Today, training for business travellers is absolutely necessary. Indeed, for a large part, the kidnappers are targeting international travellers; these abductions are resolved by payment of ransom in 65% of cases.
Yet, analysis of the many situations indicates that abductions could have been avoided through better knowledge of the country or the area, and adopting the right behaviour. Preventive measures are essential to reduce exposure to risks.
Security however, represents a cost for businesses, particularly for companies which do not have Corporate Security Officer. Still, prevention allows for anticipation most of the situations and for training of employees to display the right behaviour in sensitive areas or when facing risk situations.
This prevention may also be taken into account when subscribing an insurance contract and, in many cases, be considered in the risk assessment process by the insurer and therefore in its pricing.
At Lyon Risk Management, it is important to help our clients implement safety responses (situational awareness). Thus, our customers can seek the insurance companies so that they participate to the prevention efforts of the company’s employee’s, even if only in part. In addition, together with one or more half-days training provided in the course of  a “special risks” guarantee, Lyon Risk Management helps and support its clients, advises them (such as traveller’s guides, maps, risk rating, country information etc) and organises training and risk prevention awareness courses.
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