The safety function in business: still a mysterious function

International companies are subject to more and more attacks of any kinds (including cyber), attacks that are often more and more publicized (think of the SONY case).
Despite this fact, the corporate security manager function remains a little-known function for too many top executives. What is this function? What is the framework of this post? The usefulness?
On one hand, the corporate security manager must communicate more and better. He has to show his ROI (return on investment), to prove his legitimacy. On another hand, the CEO must understand that security management is not just an additional cost for his business, but a rampart against external attacks. The question is not “a security officer or not”? But rather what should be the profile of the director of the security? What skills are sought and with which team to fight against what kind of threats?
Without such reflexions, companies are often poorly protected and CEOs are in awkward postures when an external attack emerges, endangering their business, the loss of reputation and de facto their position.
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