Tough times for tourism in Turkey

It should not be a surprise to read that Iraq and Syria are still respectively the first and second most dangerous countries in the world. Afghanistan, which is facing a deadly spring offensive from the Taliban and other jihadist organisations, is third, followed by Libya and Ethiopia.
More surprising in this list is Turkey ranking in 6th place. Its proximity to the Iraq / Syria conflict does not explain everything. Ankara is also facing a sharp rise of domestic attacks due to the current struggle between Mr Erdogan’s government and the PKK. And no one can rule out a jihadist attack on one of the numerous sea resorts located along the Turkish seashore. As previously mentioned in one of my posts, it is simply impossible to monitor and defend every soft-target.
This ranking is for sure very bad news for the upcoming summer holiday season. Turkey’s economy relies heavily on the tourism activities. Due to the internal security situation, combined with the too close proximity with the conflict in the Levant, we can assess a severe downgrade of the number of visitors this summer[1].
Somalia, Pakistan, Philippines and Yemen finish this ranking of the most dangerous place on Earth.
[1] Turkey attracted a record 37 million foreign visitors in 2014. Its ambition was to become the world’s top visitor destination. Its tourism industry accounts for more than 4.5 per cent of a £570billion economy. But the number of foreign visitors to Turkey already dropped sharply by 12.8 % to 1.65 million in March of 2016 from a year earlier following a 10.32 % fall in the previous month.
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