Turkey : DHKP-C threatening a total war to AKP

“Going to fight you & defy you using stones, sticks, Molotovs, weapons… Increasing your fear of being brought to account”

On 24 Nov. 2016, the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party-Front (Devrimci Halk Kurtulus Cephesi, DHKP-C) released a written statement entitled, “Okmeydani Front Militias: We Are Going to Drown AKP Fascism in The Blood it Has Spilled”.


Our people,
AKP fascism has been attacking the people using OHAL as an excuse for months now. It is abducting, torturing and arresting the revolutionaries who are the people’s vanguard. With the latest statement by that conman Suleyman they are going to shut down 370 associations/societies. Ever since OHAL was declared we have all, young and old and children alike, been resisting fascism. Not a day goes by when we do not taste tear gas in our neighborhood. AKP fascism thinks it is going to intimidate the people with these attacks and cow us into submission. But what it forgets is that we have experienced times like 19 December, Maras and Sivas. We just lost 101 of our people in Ankara. We are being slaughtered every day in Kurdistan but we are not surrendering. Your eyes will never once see us surrender. Your ears will never once hear us surrender. We are going to fight you and defy you using stones, sticks, Molotovs, weapons, our hearts and our brains. We are going to continue increasing your fear of being brought to account.
As the Okmeydani Front Militias we put up a placard adorned with bombs on Thursday 23 November saying that we were going to bring AKP fascism to account. The killers out of fear watched out placard for a whole hour and would not let anyone close. They were only able to bring down our placard using bomb disposal teams in special clothing.
Today we announced to all the peoples of Turkey and Kurdistan with our placard carrying people that we are going to make a reckoning.
Long Live The People’s Justice
 Okmaydani Front Militias


Lyon Risk Management Assessment

The probability the DHKP-C will launch attacks against AKP targets can be assess as highly likely.

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