Why An Evacuation Plan ?

Events like natural disasters like fires and floods appear usually quite suddenly, not to mention riots and coups. These things have always extensive consequences for the people they touch.
Furthermore, their consequences are often dramatically worse in a developing country, where security forces are less proficient to restore order and medical infrastructure in responding to a major crisis quickly overwhelmed.
Event triggering evacuation – a coup, an earthquake or whatever- rarely declares its arrival. This is a fact and it is the reason why evacuation plans should be mandatory for all expatriates living in developing countries, so on they are businessmen, seasonal residents or even diplomats.
Meanwhile, some events, such as a civil war, could also slowly develop before reaching the critical level. This gives sufficient opportunity to leave the area. However, sudden events could trigger an emergency evacuation while the critical situation was slowly developing. This sort of situation leaves little time to figure out exit strategies. This is the reason it is always more cautious to have an evacuation plan ready in advance.
The risk for emergency evacuation can occurred at any time in developing countries. Once again, either to run away a natural disaster or a general insurrection. We cannot stress enough that people are responsible in the first place for their own security. Although foreign embassies will provide assistance in such situation, expatriates should not solely rely on official supports. They need to have their own plans to be prepared for any eventuality.
Don’t wait for the unexpected. Be prepared to evacuate yourself and your family.
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